Flower Delivery Services

Critical Freight offers specialised flower delivery serivces.

Friendly staff with the right attitude

At Critical Freight, you’ll enjoy on-time arrival and cheerful staff. We commit to on time, on budget and zero damage. That’s what you want in a freight partner. Especially for high-value cargo like flowers.

Refrigerated Flower Transport Services

A refrigerated flower transport service will ensure flower goods are preserved during transportation. We offer refrigerated transport on all our Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Regional Deliveries.

Flower Wholesaler Deliveries to Retailers

We’re collecting from flower wholesalers and delivering to

  • Sunshine Coast Flower Retailers
  • Brisbane Outer Flower Retailers
  • Ipswich Flower Retailers
  • Brisbane Metro Flower Retailers
  • Gold Coast Flower Retailers
  • Northern Rivers Flower Retailers
  • Toowoomba Flower Retailers

Flower Grower Deliveries to Market

We’re collecting from flower growers and delivering to

  • Brisbane Flower Market
  • Brisbane Flower Wholesalers

Airport Flower Collection Courier

We’re collecting from airports and delivering to

  • Brisbane Flower Market
  • Brisbane Flower Wholesalers
  • Direct Clients as required

Late Pick-Up & Emergency Deliveries

We offer a bespoke on-call delivery service

  • Late Pick Up From Wholesalers
  • Second Runs (Late Orders) to Retailers
  • Direct last-minute runs as required