A Five Generation Transport Heritage

The Beginning: Horse and Cart Days

In 1886 Charles Coulson attended an auction as a spectator in Melbourne Victoria and ended up buying a horse and cart carrier business, therefore beginning the start of Charles Coulson Transport. The business has endured 135 years in various forms and today, Tony Lyons, a descendant of the Coulson family, continues this legacy with Critical Freight based in Brisbane, a vibrant transport company specializing in refrigerated Flower freight and transport.

Transport in the Family

In the years since his great-great-grandfather operated a horse and cart business around Melbourne, Charles Coulson Transport operated in a number of transport areas including liquid transport in rubber bulk collapsible containers, B doubles, fuel transport for BP and Australian and contracts with Boral.
Charles Coulson Transport built a sizable container storage business in later years, eclipsing the general cartage business. Coulson Transport was originally sold to Mayne Nickless in 1999, and later Rocke BrosTransport acquired the business in 2003.

Tony Lyons quietly established a foothold in the retail and flower industry through the Brizzys flower retail outlets in Brisbane over the last 25 years and later moved into refrigerated transport.

Critical Freight was established to service the growing wholesale flower transport industry and associated and trades, and trades under Coulson Transport Pty Ltd
Tony Lyons, director of Critical Freight has over 25 years’ experience with flower deliveries in Brisbane. When it comes to caring for and preserving the beauty and freshness of flowers- we have it covered.


• Charles Coulson (Founder)
• Edwin Coulson (Son of Charles)
• Shirley Irene Coulson (Daughter of Edwin)
• George Limb Jnr (Son of Irene)
• Shirley Lyons (Limb) (Daughter Of Irene)
• Tony Lyons (twin son of Shirley)


135 year heritage in transport
Charles Coulson- Tony's Great Great Grandfather

Charles Coulson

Charles Coulson- Founded Coulson Transport (Tony’s Great Great Grandfather)

Late Nineteenth Century
George Limb

George Hayes Limb

In 1924, George Hayes Limb enjoys the best of motoring at the time, in the flying mile. George was in later years instrumental in the buyout of family members with his wife Shirley Irene Coulson. Their son George Limb took control of the company.

Edwin Hugh Coulson (Tony’s Great Grandfather), Shirley Irene Coulson (Tony’s Grandmother) and Rhoda Coulson(Tony’s Great Grandmother)

Meet the Coulsons

L-R Edwin Hugh Coulson, Shirley Irene Coulson and Rhoda Coulson.


Master Carriers

A recommendation letter recognizing Coulson’s contribution to transport in Australia.

letter from the prime minister

Letter From A J Fraser

A birthday message from Victorian Senator- A J Fraser


June Ley Flower Shop

A history in flowers, the successful Flower Store in Moonee Ponds Melbourne, operated by Shirley Limb and her sister June Limb.

Rubber Collapsible Tanker

DIVERSIFICATION – Rubber Tank Technology

Coulson Transport was involved in many transport initiatives including rubber collapsible tankers for chemical and fuel distribution. Coulson also pioneered the heating fuel distribution for BP and installed an innovative delivery hose unit, officially trademarked as the’ Scully Hose Nozzle’, that whistled to the driver when complete.


Coulson Group

George Edwin Limb, second from the left, guided the Coulson’s Group from the early 1960s after the buyout of family members.


Darwin Day Tours

Darwin Day Tours coach tours owned and established by Richard Lyons and involved Tony Lyons in its early years. The Company went onto be recognized with NT government Innovation awards in 1989 and a finalist in the 1990 Australian Tourism Awards (Tours and Transportation).


Crocodile Farm Tours commenced

Crocodile Farm Tours commenced in 1990 to cater for increasing tourism in the NT.


Brizzys Flowers

Tony Lyons established a chain of retail flower stores across Brisbane located at Windsor, Sherwood and a highly visible store at Milton. He later moved into the transportation of flowers from growers to the retail stores, a move the preceded the start of Critical Freight today.

Critical Freight Services Rocklea

The Modern Age

Coming the full circle, Tony Lyons continues the family heritage of transport with Critical Freight being incorporated in 2019 under the name of Coulson Transport Pty Ltd. From Charles Coulson to Tony Lyons, a family heritage in transport proudly lives on.